DAF YT-514

License plate: BE-01-83
Year: 30-06-1967

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The "tough" tactical YT. There are 10 copies (known) left in the Netherlands.
Often used to transport all kinds of things.

General Data:
The DAF YT-514 is a further development of the Daf YT-1527L32 tractor
Wich was a 5 ton 4x2 petrol engine tractor.

The YT-514 is the first tactical military vehicle from DAF fitted with a dieselengine.
The same engine is also used in the armored car YP-408.
It was build in 2 series (1st from 1960, 2nd from 1966), both series have some minor differences in detail (see the difference in the cabin of a YA-314 and YA-324).

The YT-514 has been used with different trailers. The maximum terrain weight is 20,000 kg.
In the beginning of the 80's the YT-514 got replaced with the DAF YTV-2300 for tactical use and modified tractors for normal roaduse.

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