License plate: 88-FP-RJ
Year: 30-06-1975

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The "Jarretel" jeep

General Data:

The DAF YA-66 was a militairy vehicle produced bij DAF, and used by the Royal Dutch Army.

The YA-66 was developed on the basis of the DAF 66 and was also spotted "Jarretel Jeep" because of the belt drive (Variomatic). He was used mainly as a light ordinance vehicle by the Royal Army, while the YA-66 was used by the parish squadron of Militairy Police for escorting military columns. Then the Dafs, which were fitted with white bumpers and the inscription 'Koninklijke Marechaussee' (Royal Militairy Police), were equipped with orange (in the Netherlands) or blue (in Germany) floodlights. Because he did not have four-wheel drive, he was less suitable for rough terrain. A total of 1201 were built.

In 1987, a limited number where still in use at the First Army Corps

In the nineties, all DAF YA-66's were sold to individuals.

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