Triumph 3TA

Licence plate: MG-19-SX
Year: 30-06-1967

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The small courier in the fleet.

General Data:

The Triumph 3TA is a British motorcycle that was produced between 1957-1966 by Triumph Engineering Co Ltd in Coventry.

In 1966 the Dutch army bought about 1100 pieces, that was a million order. The special execution for the Dutch army was the last model in the series. For the Dutch army, the Triumph was adapted with a Solexcarburateur, a special air intake, a half-mate, a 2-in-1 exhaust system and army sidebags. Further adjustments were the raised rear frame, the fall bracket and the longer fork legs, as well as other gear ratios, WR (Wide Range) for driving in the terrain.
The nacelle remained, until the end, in 1966.

From the end of 1966, the Triumph 3TA was gradually introduced into the Royal Army as successor to the highly aged Matchless. The Triumph was not even the most modern in that time, and also proved to be maintenance-sensitive. Due to the many maintenance that has been carried out, the motorcycle has continued until about 1985. From 1979, the Moto Guzzi was allowed to take over the Ordonnans and Militairy Police tasks gradually from the worn out Triumph 3TAs. In 1988 they came for sale to the general public. Rows of 3TAs were seen in Soesterberg and were sold to the highest bidder per lot. Everything that was unmanageable went to the scrap, ie the blast furnaces in IJmuiden.

At present (2011), the existence of over 200 pieces of Triumph 3TAs is known, the vast majority still in military execution and some converted into civilian execution. Most are restored and well maintained. There is a lot of demand for these models and components, many people want a simple classic, which is easy to maintain and does not give problems. The parts supply, both through trade and trade shows, is good to mention even though it may be a bit of a search.

source wikipedia NL