Nekaf M38A1

License plate: AH-22-36
Year: 30-06-1956

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The baby in our collection, a small flexible car. Very agile and strong in the field,
used by us as a shopping car when we're out and about with our "green stuff".

General Data:

The military designation is M38A1. The M38A1 is an original design (1952) by Willys-Overland
(later Kaiser Jeep International) and is also referred to as Willys MD.

The first Nekaf-jeep came out of production on 28th of may 1955. It was the first of a productionorder of 4000
Three years later the production of this Dutch (built under license) 4x4 ended.
Between 1958 en 1962, the Dordrecht firm Kemper & Van Twist built a small series of Nekaf, meanwhile the name stayed the same. In total approx 7500 specimens are built.

The M38A1 is built in various versions (and/or used). Thus, a distinction is made:

  • a version truck (VAU) "general service" (possibly with Polynorm-, Bantam- of Roset-trailer)
  • a version wounded transport (GWT) with double stretcher-bearer
  • a version with recoilles cannon (TLV) 106 mm M40A1 (indication M38A1C or M38A1TLV)
  • a version with the TOW antitank missile system (40 converted M38A1C's between 1983 and 1989)
  • a serving reconnaissance version (equipped with transmitters and receivers and possibly BREN- or MAG-gun carrier)
  • an version for the fire department.
source wikipedia NL