DAF V-1600

License plate: BE-22-40
Year: 30-06-1969

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The "sweet" frog, former Air Force with (for ease) a double cabin.
This brave one is also dedicated to the transportation of our green stuff.

General Data:

The military designation is V-1600, which means that it is 4x4.

Used in both Air Force and Navy, in various versions such as a truck, covered wagon and equipped with a crane on it, and also as a fire truck.
Originally fitted with a petrol engine, 135hp or 155hp.

We believe this type has also been used by the army as ammunition wagon, but unfortunately we have not been able to find this in the archives.

A tractor version has been there, but then again is was the 4x2 version.
4x4 tractor has existed only not with the Dutch armed forces.