Moto Guzzi V50

Licence plate: MV-48-RY
Year: 30-06-1983

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The easy courier from the fleet.
For variety and fun with only 2 wheels.

General Data:

The V 50 NATO was purchased in 1981 by the Royal Dutch Army as a replacement for the Triumph 3TA.

It was remarkable that the "predefined" requirements for this motorcycle exactly matched the Moto Guzzi V 50 III. This probably came because the Italian government had bought less V 50 than expected. As a result, there were a number of motorcycles left over at the factory, which could be owned for a small price. The V 50 III motorcycles were adapted for this: the appearance was that of the older V 50, obviously sprayed in olive green and all the chrome was replaced with matt black lacquer.

The machine was equipped with war lights, other cylinder heads with smaller valves and a lower compression ratio and the 24 mm V 50 carriers.
In order to prevent the accelerations from becoming to "long" with all these constraints, the gearing became shorter.

The machine was fitted with two large fall protection brackets, and for serviced Marechaussees a screen was mounted with canvas underflaps. The instructors also initially got this window.
Around 1994 these windows were replaced by a Dutch JS 980 S touring version, developed by Jos Schurgers.

In April 2004, the V 50 NATO was relieved by the KTM LC 4 400 LS-E.

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